Tuesday, March 31, 2015

George Takei is Completely Wrong

George, you seem to be a good man. I even agree with the spin title MSNBC gave to your interview. “Indiana Law Effects All Americans.” Unfortunately, your own Boycott Indiana title is a bit confusing.

George, is it really OK to hate, attack, and punish a large number of people based on the state they live in? What's next? Hanging black people because of the color of their skin? Decapitating homosexuals for their lifestyle choices? Sending people to gas chambers because they don't phrase things in a way you don't see as sufficiently PC, their ethnicity or religious background? Where is the boundary to barbaric attitudes if not at barbarism?

Don't get me wrong. I think it's great that you and Brad have had some wonderful vacations. I've been disappointed in some myself. But I've never threatened local business owners who've been great and given good service because some other business somewhere else had a problem with some customers who might have had the same skin color or sexual orientation as me or shared some aspect of my political perspective. Conscience doesn't work that way.

George, you seem like a smart man. I take it that you can understand that the idea that same-sex couples are fighting for civil rights died out years ago. The vast majority of Americans supported the rights of same-sex couples, but leaders of the LGBT movement rejected their sincere offers to make things right. Instead, they wanted conflict – which keeps the movement going and the donations flowing in. Instead, they worked for and succeeded in eliminating the rights of others. They cheated same-sex couples out of the equal rights they sought, and instead destroyed marriage (regardless of sexual orientation) and the rights related to family and in fact, one's own individual existence. That definitely effects all Americans, in fact.

It's just a scam now George; a cheap and tawdry scam. I don't understand why you're part of it. I think you're a good man and a smart man, and certainly you don't need the money that some people are making from the conflict. It's just wrong.

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