Sunday, January 11, 2015

How Mitt Romney Can Win in 2016

We all know what a dead-beat political field looks like in a presidential election. On the Republican side, the only bright spot over several cycles has been Ron Paul, and he's not likely to run again. As we have seen, that opens up the possibility of a dead horse nominee. That was Mitt Romney in 2012.

That doesn't mean that he can't win the election. He just needs to tweak his campaign a bit. Before leaping into the strategic bombshell, let's review his qualifications.

Romney was born into the Political Class and has spent his entire adult life either as a lobbyist or working closely with lobbyists. He's probably second to none at selling favors, which means he can easily come up with a tone of money for any campaign. Among other things, his political and eventual industry connections got him into a one term governorship in Massachusetts and later onto the presidential ballot. As Massachusetts governor, he was known to have gotten along well with Democrats; after all, Massachusetts is a Democratic Party stronghold. As governor, he implemented ObamaCare in the state before Obama did.

It's simple really. The right doesn't like him at all and he'll never win as a Republican. If he wants to prove he can beat rivals in the Democratic Party, he should do it in their primaries, running as a Democrat. In that race, "repeal and replace ObamaCare" could actually be appreciated by voters. If he can beat the likes of Hillary Clinton (who won't be the nominee) and the presumptive nominee Joe Biden, he'll have earned the chance to compete against the last surviving dead-beat from the Republican Party race.

Oh wait, he hates fags, keeps a portfolio of women, loves to fire people, and makes fun of the unemployed. Never mind.

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